Published work


I had four poems published in A Blackbird sings: A Book of Short Poems, Woodsmoke Press 2012

A Misunderstanding at Club Eclectic ~The Stirred Poet Volume 1.3: Club Eclectic, 2011

Back at the Lake ~ Eclectic Flash, April 2011

My Flatmate and Professor Itty’s Last Lecture ~The Stirred Poet Volume 1.2: Thistles in the Sandbox, 2010

Professor Itty’s Last Lecture ~ Lighten Up Online, September 2010

Eye Ewes Two Suck At Spilling ~ Issue 3 of The Right Eyed Deer, July 2009

Perfect ~ Lighten Up Online, June 2008

The Joy of X and To a Dinner Lady ~ Lighten Up Online, September 2008

A Geologist’s Love Song, Eclipse, The Bin Bag of Banishment and Running out ~ Poetry Monthly, various issues

I had eight topical haiku published in the Guardian’s online daily  haiku competition between 2004 and 2006.

Short stories

Family Heirloom ~ Eclectic Flash, September 2010, and Eclectic Flash: The Best of 2010

The Trouble With Adam ~ 2nd prize in July 2010’s Global Short Story Competition


I earned my living as an educational author for thirteen years. During that time I had 135 titles published (91 as author and 44 as co-author).  My published work covers a range of formats, including library books, teacher resource books, pupil books, workbooks, home study books and interactive digital materials. For a list of my published titles currently available in the UK, see my author page on Amazon here.

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